• Zhang Zhifeng
    Founder, Chairman of the Board, executive director and the chairman of the Nomination Committee

    Overall management and strategic development of the Group

    Over 30 years of managing private university and vocational school

  • Ye Yaming
    Executive director, Chief executive officer, and a member of the Remuneration Committee

    Overall operation and management of the Group

    Served in the Group for around 20 years

  • Hung Manling
    CFO & one of the joint company secretaries

    Financial management and overall governance of the Group

  • Ma Zhixiong

    Information construction, operation and management of the Group

  • ZhangZhicheng

    Investment development, financing business and investor relations management of the Group

Contact information

Phone:020-82901822 Email:hlu@hltz.net

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  2. 020-82901822